About Mineral Quantum

General presentation

The Mineral Quantum Company was founded in 1997 and started its production activity in December 1998, being an exclusively privately held company and had as its main objective the exploitation and bottling of natural mineral water. The bottling is made into PET bottles under the SPRING HARGHITA brand (registered trademark). The Headquarter of the company is in village Sâncrãieni, county Harghita. 

Description of business

By processing the natural mineral water coming from big depth sources, in modern technological conditions, the result is getting two types of bottled natural mineral water: sparkling and decarbonated mineral water (still water).  
Ever since the company’s establishment, its main concerns were the development and the improvement of technological conditions, training of the staff, extending the spectrum of products, increasing their quality and the sales marketing.
The Organisation’s main purpose is to win recognition in both the internal and the external market by the promotion of its products.  

Production capacity

Mineral Quantum Company has 3 PET bottling lines, completely automatized having a total production capacity of over 1 mill. L/24 hours in PET bottles.  


The product is the “SPRING HARGHITA” natural mineral water, bottled into PET bottles in formats of 0.5, 2, 2.5 and 5 liters - both in sparkling and mildly sparkling variations. The best seller item from the total sales is the 2.5 liters “SPRING HARGHITA” natural mineral water. 


Starting with 2001, the Mineral Quantum Company has introduced a new politics regarding the extension of product coverage throughout the country, at the moment distributing nationally.